Thursday, September 4, 2008

Artist in the Community

Its going to be a busy Autumn. I have been awarded an Arts Council Artist in the Community research and development grant based on Sherkin Island , West Cork. The scheme is administered by CREATE and able supported by Katherine Atkinson. I will be using pinhole cameras to provide a new way of seeing the world and create a dialogue on contemporary art.

I am going to use the blog as a resource for participants, posting web sites of interest as well as pinhole images created. If people are interested they can comment or post to teh blog to share ideas. All these posts will be labeled 'artist in the community' to distinguish them from other projects which I am thinking about.

I met with Matthew Stephens the Island Development Officer in the community hall today and we discussed how the project should proceed and have decided that we will begin on the last weekend in September .

There is much to do before then, preparing promotional and workshop materials, and transporting it to Sherkin - but I am very excited at the prospect of this collaboration.

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