Saturday, September 20, 2008

National Sculpture Factory - Temporary Projects at the Docks, Cork

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, The Weather Statio

The station is precariously perched on the edge and with a slight overhang of the dock wall - it conveys the idea of risk for the artwork itself as well as for the viewer. Using solar panels to power the weather station, information about the micro climate within the container is registered but not recorded - feeling but not thinking.

Sorcha O'Brien and Eli Camaano, Ballon

This projects is a light, airy and frivolous a counterpoint to the inorganic weight of docklands landscape.

Seamus Nolan also had a piece entitled Docks Tour, but unfortunately I did not get a photo of the horse and trap with the very congenial jarvey, Micheal. The tour offers access to the working docks or what is left of the working docks and if prompted by the participant, Micheal, whose father was a docker, will respond with stories of working life on the docks.

A seminar, The Expectation of Spectacle, followed a tour of the temporary projects with very interesting contributions in particular from John Bewley of Locus+

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