Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Remember when you were a child and you thrilled with anticipation? Parents returning home, chocolate at Easter and presents at Christmas were all part of my childhood anticipations, but as an adult I had lost this ability to enjoy this feeling.

This weekend I was really excited - after three months I retrieved some of my pinhole film cans that I have secreted around about where I live. These cans were left out on the Summer solstice and were exposing through to the Autumn equinox.

I had done some shorter exposures over 10 days earlier in the Summer, but these really capture the track of the sun. Now I have the Winter solstice to anticipate a further crop of solargraphs.

I am sending some of the cans back to Finland to participate in a global map of solargraphy being coordinated by Tarja Trygg. It is a great project with some fantastic images.

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