Saturday, October 4, 2008

Solargraph Baltimore Harbour

This solargraph was taken using a coffee can pinhole camera and Jessops VC paper. It was exposed for the period between 20 - 06- 08 and 02 - 10 - 08. The camera was located at 51 28'91 N 09 22'70 W.

Below is the paper negative. One of the beautiful things about solargraphy is that no chemicals are involved in processing the prints, however, I am concerned about the negatives degrading post exposure.

This is where the pinhole camera was mounted - it is a bit askew as I am leaning over a slipway. You can see that the camera is very well taped to prevent camera movement and to make the camera as water proof as possible. Even still there was still water at the bottom of the can when I brought it home. A few hours in my darkened hot press sorted that out - I am always impressed by the durability of the paper - it seems to stand up to the most terrible abuse.

This is the view from where the camera was positioned - admittedly taken by my phone camera - the difference in panorama is quite astonishing.

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