Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gillian Kenny

Earlier this year, I had begun to expieriment with screen printing using a photo sensitive mask. This was ideal for use with photo negatives /found objects and it is something I want to return to in the future.

An artist I will reference before beginning again is Gillian Kenny
Gillian Kenny: New Work , Phatory Gallery, New York, 9 September - 2 October 2004
Gilian Kenny: Bins , oil and acrylic silkscreen on steel, 15.5 x 22 cm; courtesy the artist

"The realistic nature of photography has unfortunately led the medium to be associated with pragmatic truth, where each supposedly functions as a given of the other. Gillian Kenny chips away at this long-standing paradox within a series of fifteen pieces that use the silk-screen process to render a different photographic image upon each unframed, steel surface. Suspending her work between perception and depiction, Kenny then scratches or applies paint over these representations, so as to transform the objective to subjective. In the end, these pieces play with machinations of personal memory" (Jill Connor Art Critic NY, RECIRCA 2005)

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