Friday, February 27, 2009

BA Visual Art Degree Show at West Cork Arts Centre

Clockwise from top left Jill Hegarty, Ciarnad Ryan, Tess Leak, Sheelagh Broderick, Geoff Stephens, John Desmond and Gill Good
at West Cork Arts Centre.
Opening Sunday 1 March 2009 at 3.30pm.
Exhibition continues until 21 March 2009

Below is the publicity material from WCAC website

An exhibition of work by final year degree students from the BA in Visual Art, Sherkin Island – a joint initiative between the School of Art, Design and Printing at Dublin Institute of Technology, Sherkin Island Development Society Ltd. and West Cork Art Centre. The programme is supported by the Department of Rural, Gaeltacht and Community Affairs. This exhibition will feature work by the seven degree students who will be the first cohort to graduate from this exciting and innovative programme.

The four-year modular honours degree programme offers a dynamic and creative education in the visual arts and combines delivery through live and electronic media. The methodology employed presents a viable model for linking third level institutions with isolated communities and presents the opportunity for future collaborations.

By developing a mechanism for linking isolated communities with third level institutions a true sharing of knowledge can arise. In this way, educational programmes addressing the needs of specific communities may be devised and validated. The process enables isolated communities to retain their structural integrity while gaining in confidence and the resulting sustainable development broadens the economic base of the community.

Along with the other partners, West Cork Arts Centre is committed to the development of transformative educational provision at the higher levels of educational achievement which this programme provides. It also provides opportunities to build capacity in the arts so that artists can live, work and study on the islands - underpinning the capacity for living in remote and rural island and coastal environments.

The BA in Visual Art Programme brings professional artists to the area and creates opportunities for students, other artists, communities and arts organisations alike. It invigorates the process of engagement with the arts, it supports the establishment of learning communities and it leads to the development of networks, to promote exchange between communities of interest and the interrogation of contemporary arts practice.

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