Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sherkin Island Artist in the Community Workshop

Today we are going to dive in to the world of pinhole photography.

We will each make a pinhole camera from a coffee can, make exposures and develop negatives. The negatives will be scanned into the computer and then the image inverted to make a positive.

Each participant will receive a pinhole film can which will be exposed for 3 months approximately, before being sent to Finland in a solargraphy project.

The following links demonstrate the concept and application of pinhole photography.

a bit of theory first;

Camera Obscura

Pinhole Artists

Global Map of Solargraphy

As part of this project we will be using the technique of Solargraphy
to capture images over an extended period of time. These images will then be sent to Finland to be part of a project mapping suntracks worldwide in global map of solargraphy in association with Tarja Trygg of the University of Helsinki.

Have Fun!

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