Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sherkin Island Pinhole Images Work in Progress

The community hall on Sherkin Island was a hive of activity yesterday. Eight pinhole enthusiasts turned up and worked hard all day making coffee can cameras, taking photographs and developing negatives in our temporary darkroom. Each and everyone threw themself into the challenge of learning what can be a very tricky process and each and eveyone produced results that were beyond any expectation.

The work was varied in subject matter and the challenge of calculating exposure times was exacerbated by a change in weather conditions. We had bright sunshine yesterday, but today was quite overcast. The photos show familiar territory and faces in a new light.

There were some technical challenges too. I am more comfortable with a PC than a Mac, but we did manage to scan images and produce positives.

There are many more negatives to be scanned - I hope participants can make the technology available through Sherkin Island Development Society work in this regard. If not get back to me.

I will post more images on the blog when I get them.

Solargraphy film and coffee cans were distributed and will be exposed for three months until the winter solstice on December 21st.

Connor O'Riordan

Kordula Packard

Matthew Stephens

Sheelagh Broderick

Anne McConkey

Joe Jefferies

Michael Stevens

Orla Gleeson

Mags Reilly

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