Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guerrilla Lighting Dublin

Theresa Shibhan writes in light for Guerilla Lighting,
Glasgow 23rd November 2008.

Just this evening Guerilla Lighting lit up Smithfield and the Four Courts in Dublin as part of their campaign to promote sustainable architectural lighting. See the RTE News report here
Lighting events worldwide bring public art to where people are, they illuminate, spotlight, highlight, radiate, inspire and … often provoke.

Projects draw attention to our surroundings and associated understandings. They can imagine the world in a new light or reveal darkly hidden secrets. It can encompass public, private, internal and external spaces. The following links demonstrate the exciting breadth of lighting practices.

SwitchedOnLondon, 2008

LightsOnTampa, 2006

Lights in Alingsås, Sweden 2008

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