Thursday, October 9, 2008

Public Art

This interactive installaton has x-factor appeal!

Marie Sester trained as an architect before diverting her interests to public art specifically with respect to transparency, visibility and access.

Her installation ACCESS combines all three interests. Using surveillance technology, a website, a robotic spotlight and an acoustic beam system, remote users can lock the spotlight onto unidentifed individuals in public space.

Sester says;'Some people will really hate it and run away, while others will just enjoy being under the light, but it’s my job to look at values and assess how you get access to information, and how we behave within those values. I want to look at things that we accept as a given, generation after generation, the things that make up a whole world, a whole system. ACCESS, with its embodiment of the pleasures and fears of authority, surveillance, and control, offers a good starting point'.

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