Saturday, November 8, 2008

Epiphany - The Plan

Its a green light for next weekend, and probably red and blue as well. I have spoken with all the main collaborators and we have a plan in place for next weekend.

We will do a site visit on the water next Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm to finalise torch positions and camera angles.

A briefing will be held at 6pm to ensure that everyone is aware of their role and the different parts each will play. Most important is the safety of everyone concerned, everyone will have a lifejacket and a buddy.

We have two RIBs each with a driver and an assistant to direct light. VHF on board

The ribs will take torchbearers and photographers/videographers to the illumination points.
One VHF for torchbearers.

On land we will have a liaison for shore based viewing/photographers who will also have a VHF. The best viewing point from land will be the road near the graveyard at Tullagh, which overlooks Church Strand.

It is not intended that there be a large viewing audience, but it is essential that good quality photographs and video are taken and that these activate conversation subsequently. Exposure to the press will be important in generating discussion.

Very importantly we will have a Feast of the Epiphany afterward so that we can relax after what will be a very exciting event for those involved. I am tingling already!

The whole event will not take more than half an hour from start to finish

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