Sunday, November 9, 2008

Epiphany - Update 1

I took a good long look at the external exigencies regarding the project and as a result have revised the timeline somewhat.

On 15th November High Water is at 18:21. These are spring tides with a height of 3.6 metres.

Sunset is at 16:28

Moonrise is at 17:47. This will be a waning gibbous moon 95% full.

On the basis of this information it would be much better to start at least an hour earlier. Get everyone in position in twilight. Do the shoot as soon as darkness falls and before the moon rises to high in the sky. The torchlights will primarily be directed in an Easterly direction, so too much moon light could affect the display. The rising moon will make for an easier RIB journey back to the pier.

Revised Plan:

Briefing & Safety Check at Lios na Si 16:oo
Board Ribs at Pier 17:00
Commence Illumination 18:00
Debrief at Lios na Si 19:30

Lastly but most importantly this is all weather dependent. At the moment weather for Saturday is not great, Front crossing Ireland late on Friday night giving F6 SW winds. There is an area of High Pressure to the South so at this early stage I am hoping that it will keep the weather at bay for another 24 hours.

is a great weather resource for this area. Check out the weblink or search for windguru and sherkin to find the nearest station.

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